Meet The Fur Kids


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Fur Family Photo Album

Here are some pictures of my Fur family.

Yoshi in the adventures of "Bad Hair Day"

Yoshi, 8 year old Lahasa Apso

Princess Daisey

Daisey (4 year old Chi x Corgie?).

Jinco (Aka Stinko)

Jinco, 3 year old Rat Terrier.

Ok, they do have some wiskers, that counts as fur, right?

Anora MiniMe & Budah BigglesWorth
(Double Rexed Hairless Rats)
(Both Girls)

Cute little puppy baby

Bailey Doodles Fur Shir, Sable & white (Parti) American Cocker Spaniel (He's now 9 months old)
Click his picture to go to The official Bailey Doodles Sight.

Fluffy ~ the cute little Ball Python

Flyffy, Ball Python
OK, I know what you are thinking, No Fur? Fluffy?
Hey every body needs sombody to love!

Thor in the Garden

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